October: Breast Cancer Prevention Month Toolkit

As we find ourselves mid-way through the global fundraising phenomena that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we ask ‘are environmental and occupational links to the disease an elephant in the room?’

From Pink to Prevention has  produced an online ‘tool-kit’ to help the wider public understand the nature of the problem we are facing – both in terms of the links between environmental and occupational risk factors as well as the inaction of those with the power to address it.  It includes an interactive webpage, PDF and poster  which brings together some of the leading experts, writers and campaigners from across Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, UK), USA, Canada, Australia and the Philippines. Please share the toolkit!

For decades now, scientists and activists alike have argued that the persistent exclusion of environmental and occupational risk factors for breast cancer (eg carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals) by government, breast cancer charities and industry is,  at the very least baffling and, at worst, obstructing a basic  public health right to know. We argue that the time has come for policy-makers to explain why they are refusing to acknowledge the evidence that links these risk factors to breast cancer.

We have pulled together an ‘online toolkit’ which we hope is accessible to anyone, no matter how little they may know, how unfamiliar they may be with this issue. We must expand the ‘risk factor’ list for breast cancer – it must go beyond ‘lifestyle’ causes and acknowledge the evidence linking environmental and occupational risk factors for the disease.


Our toolkit includes our new interactive poster, a hyperlinked PDF of the full poster and a PDF of the shorter landscape poster; it also includes links to films to watch; a brief introduction to Endocrine (Hormone) Disruptors; a summary of key scientific evidence; and how you can take action.

Do share and spread the word!