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The Lives of Historic Women Demonstrate a Link between Mental Health and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most prevalent kind of cancer in the world, and medical practitioners are keen to stress the role diet, exercise, and environmental pollution play in its development. However, there is an increasingly popular theory that anxiety, depression, and stress also contribute to breast cancer. Traumatic life events can lead to depression, which in turn increases the risk of developing breast cancer. This is the central premise of Foiled Creative Fire by Heather Goodare.

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FPTP joins other health & enviroment ngos – open letter to chris whitty

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty now oversees the newly created Office for Health Promotion (OHP) which has a remit to drive the government’s prevention measures.  However, there is NO mention or inclusion of environmental risk factors (ie chemicals) on human health.

So, this week, we’ve joined with other public health and environmental NGOs to call for Public Health bodies to be given direct responsibilities to research and regulate the effects of harmful chemicals on the nation’s health. Public health strategies must commit to keep harmful chemicals out of our products and the environment.

Every single day, from pre-birth to late in life, we are exposed to a potent cocktail of chemicals from innumerable sources including bisphenols in plastics, flame retardants in furniture  and FAS in food packaging.


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From Pink to Prevention signs open letter to Cancer Research UK

FPTP joined a large group of academics, environmental and health and safety organisations in an open letter to Cancer Research UK.

The letter inquired about their plans for the primary prevention of cancer. Earlier this year, the European Cancer Leagues produced a position paper setting out core principles and a framework that should be at the heart of every cancer plan. Because of CRUK’s membership of the ECL we are interested to hear more about their plans.
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Breast Cancer Prevention Month: A 38 Degrees Petition To Ban Toxic Till Receipts

Marking October Breast Cancer Prevention Month, From Pink to Prevention has launched a 38 Degrees petition entitled No more poison in our hands – Time for a ban on all paper till receipts

Did you know that every time you shop the chances are you end up with poison on your hands? Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used to coat till and other types of receipts. It can be readily absorbed through the skin, interfering with our hormones and is linked to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, and reproductive and neurological disorders. BPA was classified as an Endocrine Disrupting Chemical (EDC) in 2016.

Elevated levels of BPA have been found in the urine of cashiers who are the most intensively exposed of all. Indeed, we all have levels of this chemical in our bodies. And now similar health concerns are being raised for a BPA substitute Bisphenol S.

Not only are till receipts toxic, they are yet another source of wastepaper, ending up in the bottom of your bag or filling your purse or wallet. The vast majority of the UK’s 11.2 billion printed daily are increasingly unnecessary given the various electronic alternatives.

It’s time to ban the paper receipt in the UK, following the lead of several countries which have banned or severely restricted the use of BPA in receipts.

The petition will be sent to all major UK retailers, the Health and Safety Executive, Secretary of State for Health, the British Retail Consortium and leading breast cancer charities.


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Helen, Deb & Ho-Chih
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Breast Cancer Now, ASDA & Pink Till Receipts.

We continue to put pressure on Breast Cancer Now (BCN) to acknowledge environmental and occupational risk factors for breast cancer. As the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity, we argue that it is incomprehensible that they continue to refute the body of evidence that makes just these links.

Just recently, we sent an open letter to both BCN and ASDA with regard to their ‘Tickled Pink’ and ‘Be Your Breast Friend’ campaign concerning breast awareness with pink till receipts as the communication tool. This campaign triggered a number of serious concerns about the use of certain ingredients in the ASDA pink and other till receipts and, linked to this, the various public ‘assurances’ from Breast Cancer Now about the science in relation to ‘chemicals in the environment” ie that there is no link to breast cancer risk.

Those expressing concern (in fact, disbelief) about the ASDA/BCN campaign included leading experts in the area of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Our open letter was co-signed with colleagues from CHEM Trust, Breast Cancer Prevention Scotland (formerly Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland) and The Pink Ladies Cancer Support Group (Derry)

You can read the full letter below:
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Remembering DIANA WARD

In January 2019 we lost our long-time friend and campaigning comrade, Diana Ward.

Words cannot express our sense of loss at her not being there with and for us, as she has been for more than 25 years.

Di covered so much ground in her writing, activism, art and travels. In all ways, she was an ice-breaker and her analysis on the politics of breast cancer remains as incisive now as it was when she first started out on her journey to bring public awareness and political action to the issue.

It was an honour to work with her and have her as a dear and close friend. She leaves a powerful legacy of speaking truth to power. A legacy that will continue through our work.

We are remembering Di in a number of ways…

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