Stuff We Like

Stuff we like!

Have a look at some of the organisations and campaigns that have inspired us in our work from encouraging us to think before we pink, to focusing our attention onto breast cancer and the problems with pink. These are some really inspirational, highly effective and successful initiatives.

Prima Preventa

Breast Cancer Action
Breast Cancer Action Quebec
Breast Cancer Consortium
Breast Cancer Fund
Breast Cancer Action Germany
Canadian Women’s Health Network
Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland
Health and Environment Alliance

National Women’s Health Network
Raging Grannies International
The Silent Spring Institute
Women’s Voices for the Earth
Women In Europe for a Common Future

Work and Occupationally-related Campaigns
Hazards Campaign
Hazards Magazine
Blue Green Alliance
Cancer Hazards

Barbara Ehrenreich
Sandra Steingraber
Barbara Brenner

Le Amazzoni Furiosa
Peggy Orenstein NY Times Magazine – May 17 2013
Pink Ribbon Blues
The Malignant Ginger

Environmental Campaigns
EDC Free Europe
Réseau Environnement Santé (RES)
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Projects and Campaigns
Think Before you Pink
The Story of Stuff
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program

Vested Interests
Corporate European Observatory

Videos and Films about the environment, campaigning, big pharma

Pink Ribbon Inc – Lea Pool, National Film Board of Canada.
Living Downstream, Walking Upstream by Sandra Steingraber.
No Family History, What’s Behind the Pink by Sabrina McCormick.
Invisible by Roz Mortimer for Wonder Dog Productions.
Toxic Trespass by Barri Cohen.
Endocrination by Stéphane Horel.
Trashed by Candida Brady.
Pharmageddon and Beyond by Charles Medawar Social Audit.
STINK! by Jon Whelan.

Visuals we like

Infogram on the health effects from endocrine disrupting chemicals – costs the EU €157B each year.

Breast Cancer Fund Graph (Complexity of Breast Cancer Causation)

Infogram from the National Film Board of Canada on Pinkwashing




Reports we like
Chemicals conflict – inadequate independence policies for EU’s expert risk assessors. Produced by the Corporate European Observatory.

Late lessons from Early Warnings – science, precaution and innovation. Produced by the European Environment Agency.

Chemicals in politics and everyday life – EU’s chemicals regulation REACH, endocrine disrupting chemicals, nanomaterials and cocktail effects. Produced by the Danish Ecological Council.

The Social Audit Consumer Handbook ‘A Guide to the Social Responsibility of Business to the Consumer’ by Charles Medawar Social Audit UK.

Our Poisoned Planet by Julian Cribb pub Allen & Unwin AU 2014.

So Much to Be Done by Barbara Brenner. Barbara Sjoholm, Editor Afterword by Anne Lamott
Introduction by Rachel Morello-Frosch. University of Minnesota Press 2016.

Avoiding the Breast Cancer Warrior Trap by Peter B Bach.




Stopping Breast Cancer Before It Starts. From Pink to Prevention asks breast cancer charities, government and industry to act upon the evidence linking environmental and occupational links to breast cancer.

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