The Changes We Want to See

We demand a MAJOR SHIFT in the debate and the action on breast cancer and its causes – it’s time to make it happen.

We want:

  • The link between breast cancer and our life-long and everyday exposures to MERCs taken seriously.
  • A fundamental shift in perception and action on acknowledging and eliminating environmental and occupational toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer.
  • Inclusion of ‘barriers to primary prevention’ in the breast cancer debate
  • An end to the production and use of chemicals, substances and practices associated with breast cancer
  • Safe alternatives for those toxic chemicals in essential categories.
  • Demonstration by Government, Cancer Establishment, Breast Cancer Industry and Science of their joint responsibilities for delivering  primary prevention policies and strategies.

As a matter of urgency we need to apply our knowledge to the task; act now to reduce production, release and use of toxic substances; reduce our dependence on toxic chemicals and substances; and prioritise primary prevention.

We want to see From Pink to Prevention’s BEST Option put into practice as a matter of urgency.

we want safe chems

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Stopping Breast Cancer Before It Starts. From Pink to Prevention asks breast cancer charities, government and industry to act upon the evidence linking environmental and occupational links to breast cancer.

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