Dr Nigel Gray 1928 – 2014

In honouring the life’s work of Dr Nigel Gray, Distinguished Fellow in Cancer Prevention, we are proclaiming our regard for him as a relentless defender of public health. His life-goals and achievements serve as a model for all researchers, medical practitioners and scientists who, in possession of empowering qualifications and experience, can choose to make a stand against both industry and government for failing to address the negative impact on the health of people and the environment resulting from the uncontrolled manufacture and release of man-made toxics.

In December 2014, Australia lost Dr Nigel Gray AO (Order of Australia), a remarkable man whose lifelong and groundbreaking work laid the foundation for the implementation of the tobacco control measures across the globe today.

Through his dedicated life’s work; informing and protecting pubic health from risks associated with tobacco products; gaining legislated control of the tobacco industry Dr Gray was internationally recognized for his:

  • pioneering work as one of the first in the world to recognize tobacco as a major cause of cancer and other chronic diseases,
  • unstinting campaign against the powerful tobacco industry in order to obtain tobacco control measures, and
  • gaining of worldwide attention on tobacco as a serious risk to health.

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