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If you would like to make a larger donation, or to find out about other ways in which you can support our ongoing work, please contact us.

One-off donations

Making a donation online is quick and secure. Just click to donate.

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Regular donations

Making a regular donation by direct debit is the most convenient and cost effective way to support From Pink to Prevention. Just £10 a month makes a real difference and helps us plan our future work.

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* Tipping Point North South receives donations and grants on behalf of From Pink to Prevention. Tipping Point North South is a non-profit organisation. Supported projects may address political issues, therefore the organisation is registered as a non-profit co-operative and not as a charity. This means your donations are not eligible for tax relief or gift aid.

From Pink to Prevention Funding Policy

In order to retain our highly-valued independence, and to guard the integrity of our campaign work we do not seek or accept funds, donations or sponsorship from:

  • pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial chemical industries or their subsidiaries
  • commercial sources in general (links between companies are not always clear)
  • companies which, or individuals who violate women’s, children’s or workers rights.

Stopping Breast Cancer Before It Starts. From Pink to Prevention asks breast cancer charities, government and industry to act upon the evidence linking environmental and occupational links to breast cancer.

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