INTRODUCING AUNTY – your personal guide to shopping for safe products


Until governments formulate legislation enforcing retailers and manufacturers to provide full information regarding the ingredients in the products they make and sell, let’s get on with the job ourselves of:

  • becoming ‘informed’ consumers
  • rejecting certain products known to contain toxics
  • rejecting certain brand names known to use toxics in their products
  • letting retailers, manufacturers and corporate brands know what we don’t want, through our combined purchasing power.


On every product we want to see:

  • an easy to read list of all ingredients
  • identification of ingredients untested for health effects
  • health warnings of any TOXICS*:
    – used during product manufacture
    – contained in product
    – contained in product packaging
    – contained in product due to exposure during transportation.

* mutagens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins and carcinogens [MERCs]

Look out every month for Aunty’s shopping tips, starting in April with her basic rules on shopping for toxic-free products.