Save the date for our campaign meeting

Save the Date for our first campaign meeting on Tuesday 27th January 6.30pm.

VENUE Leigh Day Priory House, 25 St John’s Lane, London EC1M 4LB Nearest tube station: Farringdon
If you can RSVP to before the meeting, that would help us gauge numbers.
Note: some people attending the meeting are allergic to fragrance so the meeting will be a fragrance free one.
Appreciate your support in this. Hope to see you on 27th January!

We remain deeply concerned by the total marginalization of environmental and occupational links to breast cancer – we believe the ‘pink’ takeover of the disease has played a big part in this, as fundraising has become the predominant ‘pink-driven’ focus for the public. Fundraising is good – but not when it displaces other, equally vital elements of the debate. We argue that lifelong, low-level exposure to the cocktail of hundreds of MERCS (Mutagens, Endocrine Disruptors, Reproductive Toxicants and Carcinogens) in our everyday lives – from pesticide residues in food to chemicals in consumer products and in the workplace – is linked to ever-rising rates of the disease.

As part of this, we want governments and legislators to mark a new approach by acting on the BEST option that is to Ban, Eliminate, Substitute and Tag (label) all known and suspected MERCs for all our environments, living, working, – land, sea and air and our first environment, the womb. This to happen in line with existing legislation such as EU’s REACH and the COSHH hierarchy and by utilising initiatives like the SIN List.

Last year, as part of the lead up to launching this new campaign, we held screenings of Pink Ribbons Inc and also held our ‘toxic tour’ in central London –and we look forward to seeing some of you who joined us on those events as well as new faces, at our first London campaign meeting on Tuesday 27th January at 6.30pm. We look forward to sharing more information about the campaign, plans for actions, support for this work across Europe and the World; and hearing your feedback on the campaign as we get underway.  Best wishes, Deb, Di, Helen and Jennie