What the frack??!!

How the hell do you get from fracking equipment to breast cancer?

In the USA, the highly popular Daily Show takes on the ludicrous effort by fracking companies to ‘pinkwash’ themselves at the same time as they pollute the environment with carcinogens. Very funny, very dark and totally right. (click to remove the GRIST window that comes up first)

And on the same subject, the brilliant author and activist, Sandra Steingraber gives more detail – she was the first to write about the ‘sex toy’ from hell.

And finally, here is a recent research paper published on the scary issue of fluids used in fracking.

We at From Pink to Prevention support all those who oppose the fracking push – wherever that might be in the world. Here in the UK we need to push back the government and energy industry efforts to frack in both cities ad countryside – including national parks. We must seek clean, green, local, sustainable renewable answers to our energy needs – and in doing so, enhance our health outcomes.